We Love…The End of the F***ing World

The End of the F***ing World cinematography art direction scene netflix channel 4

After recently watching Dyson & Nyman’s ‘Ghost Stories’, Alex Lawther had us reminiscing about Channel 4’s TV series ‘The End of the F***ing World’ and how much we loved it. It’s easy to see why this quirky British comedy-drama (co-rama?) became an instant sensation with it’s moody cinematography, deadpan script, stylish direction and top-notch soundtrack.

The series was like a mash-up of Quentin Tarantino and Wes Anderson… imagine if Richard Ayoade directed True Romance and you have a rough idea of what to expect! Not only did we fall in love with the two lead characters Alyssa & James, misfit teens who form an unlikely bond, but we also adored the score which was created by indie-guru Graham Coxon. The soundtrack compliments the tone of the film perfectly and makes you appreciate classic gem’s such as Hank Williams and Shuggie Otis (there’s a cheeky playlist we made of the best tracks featured below); we regarded the score so highly that we even have it on vinyl (and that’s saying something, considering we’re always analysing the music in films!).

We were definitely inspired by the vibrant cinematography (love the saturated colours), James’ tropical shirt (wish we had designed that beauty) and Alyssa’s blunt, blonde bob (iconic). Bearing in mind all of the above, we believe it’s the perfect formula for a cult classic that’s needed for today’s generation.