We love…Free Fire

Free-FireSo it’s been a little while since our last film post. This is by no means a reflection on the quality of the recent cinema releases it is purely due to our lack of free time to put one of these together. One we’ve been meaning to mention for a while is this little Ben Wheatley number ‘Free Fire’. If you’re after a bit of 70’s inspired action (which we always are) then its an absolutely perfect Saturday night watch….helped along rather a lot by the appearances of Armi Hammer and Cillian Murphy with long hair and flares. We love it for its satirical comedy, 70’s fashion, girl power in the form of Brie Larson and even a spot of John Denver. Notable mention to Sam Riley who was unanimously our favourite character of the film. It all takes place in one room and is an hour and a half of tense gun fighting action. A definite must watch and Tuppence Collective favourite.


…not to mention the very sexy posters by Empire Design