We Love…Force Majeure

force-majeureWe finally got around to watching Force Majeure (thank you Netflix) after many many recommendations and in a word it was just ‘stunning’.  The film centres around a traumatising scene in which the family are caught up in an Avalanche whilst unsuspectedly sitting having breakfast together. This is the most action packed scene of the film but following this the family are left with having to deal with the emotional consequences of the event. The film focusses mainly on the theme of masculinity and a man’s role within a family which make for an interesting watch and lead you to question exactly whose side you are on.

Watch it for the scenic shots of the Alps, the inspiring interior design, the surprising bursts of classical music and the tense scenes of raw emotion generated from a traumatising event.

It may be a slow burner at times but in all its beautifully executed and an absolute treat for the eyes.