We Love…A Single Man



It may not be a new release but ‘A Single Man’ is just one of those films that will always be an inspiration to us and our work. It’s a timeless, beautiful piece of film-making and cinematography by Tom ford and one that will forever get a mention in our ‘Top Ten Films of all Time’.

The film focusses on a single day in the life of a single man, stricken with grief and guilt and ever so stylishly played by Colin Firth. The opening scene is a dream-like underwater sequence which instantly sets the tone of the film with its beautiful blue tones and a feeling of cold and despair – but it’s not all doom and gloom! Throughout the 100 mins we see a full spectrum of 1960’s fashion and style from beatniks to bikers. Julianne Moore is the essence of cool as the party loving, best friend in her true mod attire and make-up, dancing the night away to ‘Green Onions’ in one of our favourite scenes of the film.

If you’re a fan of 1960’s architecture then it’s worth a watch for that alone – the house of our ‘Single Man’ is to absolutely die for with its glass walls and modernist appearance. We just can’t wait for Tom Fords next film which is set for release later this year!