We just watched The Babadook…

The other night we decided to watch a film after a long day of photography. Horror is definitely our least favourite genre (we still won’t forget the night we saw Paranormal Activity because neither of us have had a proper sleep since!). However, after reading an intriguing review in Little White Lies we decided to make an exception for ‘The Babadook’.

It’s been a while since¬†we’ve seen such a well-executed story that has the right balance of suspense and style, but without a doubt our favourite aspect was the cinematography. The colour palette of the film was composed of hues of dusky blues, slate grey and pastel pinks – which sounds like a strange combination for a horror but trust us, it really works! The direction of photography was gracefully symmetrical and considered, which made it beautiful despite the gloomy haze. Not to mention the fact that the premise of the film was centred around an¬†illustrated book by Alex Juhasz, reminiscent of Edward Gorey.

Imagine if Wes Anderson & Stanley Kubrick made a horror film together… that should give an idea of what to expect from The Babadook.

Babadook cinematography film stills colour palette