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Favourite Films to Book: Part 1

Designing book covers has always been on our ‘really want to do’ list ever since we launched our pattern collection. It stems from our love of Coralie Bickford Smith’s clothbound series for Penguin Books which we’re still gradually adding to our bookshelf in our studio! You may have already noticed, but here at Tuppence Collective we’re also massive film fans and we’ve been itching to come up with a project to combine our passion for film with our goal to design our own series of book covers…and here is the result.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be working on adapting some of our favourite films into a collection of patterned book covers, starting with a sci-fi gem ‘Interstellar’. We love all of Nolan’s work and ideally  we would have chosen a film that included Tom Hardy or Cillian Murphy but as it’s his most recent feature, we decided that ‘Interstellar’ would be best to kick-start our new project.

Keep an eye out on our blog to see which film will make the cut for our next book design.

Interstellar book cover design

interstellar art design pattern

Patternity Exhibition

Just got back from a trip to the ‘Patternity: Festival of Pattern’ exhibition in Shoreditch as part of the London Design Festival. Patternity started as a pattern orientated blog founded by photographer/art director Anna Murray and surface/product designer Grace Winteringham. The exhibition tied in with the launch of their new ‘patternibook’ titled ‘A New Way of Seeing’.

It was a stylish combination of video, photography and installation with a structural approach and monochrome vibe. We especially loved the stop motion collaboration with Cos which was a playful sequence of symmetry and shape. Just as a heads up, be sure to take your wallet as you’ll instantly fall in love with their Clarks collaboration desert boots.

Here are some snaps of our favourite bits below:

patternity exhibition 2015 tuppence collective


Free Wallpaper Download

Its the start of a new week and to help blow the Monday blues away we’ve created a free wallpaper for you to download and use on your Desktop, Phone or Tablet. The design features our favourite new floral find named ‘Bunny Tails’ which we came across on Pinterest and just couldn’t resist painting up and including in our brand new pattern.

Enjoy and Share!

Free Wallpaper Tuppence CollectiveDesktop//Tablet //Phone


From Painting to Postal Card



As illustrators we love seeing ‘behind the scene’ shots from our favourite artists. Maybe it’s because it shows a raw and vulnerable side to the perfectly cropped and edited images we’re familiar with… or maybe it’s just because we’re nosy! Either way it just shows that most beautiful pieces of art start with a rough edged painting on a scrap of paper. So here’s ours. The first pattern we ever designed as Tuppence Collective.





New Stationery Range!

This week we have launched our brand new range of patterned postal cards for public sale and we couldn’t be more excited. Each design is sold individually so you can pick your favourite or mix and match if you can’t decide. The interior is blank apart from space to write the recipients name so they are perfect for sending a handwritten note or card for any occasion. Alternatively you can use them as beautiful envelopes to dress up an invitation or a letter.

Send someone you love a beautiful piece of post with our postal cards. Available to purchase from our Etsy store here

Pretty Pink Carnation Pattern Postal Card by Tuppence CollectiveExotic Floral Pattern Postal Card by Tuppence CollectiveVintage Pink Poppy Pattern Postal Card by Tuppence Collective



Tuppence Collective presents…

3presentsThe count down to the National Wedding Show is getting closer and this week we’ve been invited to attend a press event in the lead up to the big day! As tokens for the guests we have put together a small gift packaged in our exclusive wrapping paper.