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Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens

kew gardens orchid lates festival 2016

Yesterday evening we were lucky enough to attend of of Kew Gardens exclusive ‘Orchid Lates’ which enabled the public to admire their Orchid Festival in an atmospheric dark setting.

Though the night was chilly, the winter blues were washed away once we stepped inside the tropical greenhouse. We were greeted with delectable delights such as botanical cocktails and a trio of exotic Brazilian desserts whilst samba drums echoed in the distance.
There was lots to do including floral headband workshops, talks and face painting as well as musicians performing and hourly samba dance lessons – the carnival vibe really emanated across the entire venue.

As foliage fans, our favourite bit had to be the section where orchids were suspended from the ceiling and the roots wildly hung at different levels in an array of colour. This was also right beside a display of flora assembled like carnival costumes which were floating in a shallow pool with giant catfish circling in the cool water.

It truly was a beautiful evening and the night time made it even more magical. We would definitely go back – even just to sit and admire the luscious foliage without all the added extra bits!