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we just watched me & earl & the dying girl…


As you know, Christmas is coming and naturally we’ve had a cheeky think about what gifts we’d like from our family and friends…

One thing that is unanimous between us here at the Tuppence Collective studio is a copy of ‘Me & Earl & the Dying girl’ on DVD (none of that blu-ray fancy stuff just yet!). It’s so refreshing to watch a modern coming-of-age film that is orientated around friendship rather than love and the drama that surrounds it. Although the story is told from the perspective of a teenage boy, it’s so easy to relate to his awkward and kooky character – we know we can!

Not only did we love the ample use of Brian Eno (who provided the score) but we especially loved how the film paid homage to the likes of Scorsese, Bergman and Herzog – this was shown through quirky, unpolished parodies of classic films that the two main characters created…which were our favourite bits!

Grab some popcorn and watch this one with your best mates, you won’t regret it.