we just watched…the diary of a teenage girl



We recently caught this film on DVD after missing out on it’s cinema release. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an innocent coming-of-age story, despite the title it’s a world away from your average teen movie… but this is exactly what we loved about it.

The story centres around Minnie’s exploration of her sexuality, told in a raw and honest way. It’s set in our favourite decade (the 70’s) so you’re guaranteed a brilliant soundtrack, cool fashion and funky decor. It features an array of patterned wallpapers, space buns and more flare trousers than Harry Styles could dream of!

The film also tastefully mixes live action and animation when Minnie doodles and her illustrations come to life – her artwork instantly put of us in mind of Peter Max. It was a little trippy but it gave the film an extra dimension and really heightened the seventies vibe.

All in all, it’s not for the prudish but it’s one helluva groovy movie.